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We are THE BEST kitchen cabinets store in the area, where we can cater to all your needs. Our retail store, servicing the village of Orland Park market as well as whole Chicago Southwest area.

We operates at retail location in Orland Park, Illinois, and through an online retail website. The kitchen cabinet store is a family-owned business that has operated in the local Southwest Chicago market since 2002.

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Before you consider any other part of the house, your kitchen is the most important and most live in part of your house, therefore you must pay special attention to it. The kitchens is the accent point of your house when any visitor comes at your place for the first time.
For this purpose choosing the right company for your kitchen cabinets is important and we know that have done that right.

Kitchen Cabinets Store in Orland Park

We are the largest kitchen cabinets store in Orland Park, Illinois and our sole purpose is to provide you what you are looking for.
Yes! We have the huge variety of kitchen cabinets that you were long looking for.
Here are the reasons for which you should consider our kitchen cabinets store.

Selling only high-quality materials:

The most important thing about the kitchen cabinets that you need to consider is the material used. There are many different types of high-quality material that we provide in creating your kitchen cabinets. The quality of the material used is important as you don’t want the cabinets to get damaged by the moisture or high temperature of the kitchen. Therefore you must always consider the wood type that is best and can remain as good as new for a much longer period of time. We have the best quality, material that can provide you with the kitchen which will make your house look like paradise.

Kitchen Cabinets Inside Sample
Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets: exceptional expertise:

Often, most beautiful cabinets are installed with a number of errors that kills the beauty of the cabinets. Therefore, the workers remodelling your kitchen must also have the right experience and expertise. In our Kitchen Cabinets Store near Orland Park we have the professionals who are skilled to provide you with the beautiful kitchen cabinets you need. We care about each and every aspect of your kitchen and guide you with what will look good and what will not. A beautifully crafted cabinet but not installed in an exceptional manner can take away all of its elegance therefore always opt for a store with skilled professionals like us.

Kitchen Cabinets: stylish and functional:

Since the kitchen is a very important aspect of your house that catches most of the people’s attention, therefore, you must select the stylish cabinets. We have the most elegant and stylish cabinets that you are looking for. We can provide you different colours cabinets according to your preference and with what goes with the overall theme of your house. Moreover, when designing the kitchen cabinets, its functionality should also be kept in mind. Whether it will be able to provide you with the storage you need or not. We provide kitchen cabinets with various functionality options you can customize with what you want. You can add drawers or big or small cabinets depending on your needs. We want your kitchen to provide you comfort and convenience of working, therefore, we have all the skills that are crucial for your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets color White

Few images from our kitchen cabinet store.

Save On Your new Kitchen Cabinets. Free Design & Consult.


Our team of expert is available at your service all the time. If you are confused and it is getting hard for you to select the best kitchen cabinets,do not worry because our experts will give you the best advice.

You will surely enjoy shopping at our store because new products are introduced on a continuous basis to assure that you can always get the best items. We will help you remodel your kitchen and bathroom perfectly. We will also help you buy and install ceramic tile to increase value of your home. We understand the importance of having a stylish and attractive bathroom and kitchen in your home. We are here to help you out in the process. For more information about our products you can contact our experts.

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The highly trained professionals at “Granite Mountain” specialize in all aspects of kitchen cabinetry to assist you with each step of your project.WE LOVE our work and our customers as well. We provide THE BEST customer experience with a large variety of cabinets available. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with our work and they get only what they dream of.

Your dream kitchen will not be far once you decide to get our services.